Featured Sessions

THATCamp Florida 2017 will offer  the following pre-planned sessions:

Digital Storytelling in the Humanities       9:40am-10:40am – Classroom

Digital storytelling is the natural evolution of oral storytelling using modern media tools. The definition of digital storytelling covers a range of digital narratives (web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, and narrative computer games). The creation of a brief narrative, using digital technologies to combine voice, videos, images, music, interviews, graphics, and other electronic content comes together to let anyone tell their story.

Lisa Peterson,  Associate Instructor, Graduate Scholar and  Internship Coordinator at the University of Central Florida School of Visual Art and Design/Film will lead this session and share some examples of current projects.


GIS Project Lightning Round           10:50am-11:50am – The Bridge

This session will focus on collaborative GIS projects being produced by humanities and social science faculty and students at the University of Central Florida.


Rethinking Education through Board Game Design          1:10pm 2:10pm– Classroom

Explore the intersection between learning design and play through building physical game prototypes.