Matt Dombrowski


I have had the distinct pleasure over my career to have a role in various facets of digital media. I have done graphics work for various multimillion dollar companies such as the Orlando Magic and Walt Disney World. In doing so I have also internationally exhibited fine art works and videos in various galleries and festivals around the world. Most recently my work was displayed in a juried show focusing on art therapy and healing. Though the exhibiting fine-art world and the professional industry world may seem vastly different I have found a connection that has helped spark my research in academia. Digital Media, art and graphics are and have always been a tool of influence. Graphics help us buy the consumer products and help influence and shape our lives everyday.

My research here at the University of Central Florida is focused on using Digital Media as an aide to influence positive social change. Through the acquisition of various university grants I have begun to lay the groundwork on the development of various health related digital applications/games. By using the theory of gamification, my research implement game based scoring and play methods into everyday life to help shape our way of life in a positive manner. During my career I have witnessed firsthand the impact that a video and/or video game can have on a child. With the widespread growth of mobile technology and the increasing availability Internet creating games beyond entertainment was the next logical step. As a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts and Design’s (SVAD) Digital Media department I have been exposed to a vast network of interdisciplinary connections to aid in my research. From fine artists to filmmakers, game designers to animators we here at SVAD have the technical skill sets and theoretical conceptualization methods to make these applications a reality to the masses. In addition to in-house, I have formed community partnerships with Aspire Health Partners and Limbitless Solutions Inc. who are excited about a role in the future development of these health-based applications.

I am very excited to implement my professional graphics and my artistic theoretical experience to begin to make a positive impact on society.